Termite Treatment Advice Taken

Today I went to a house that our company Envirocare Pest Control treated for termites.  The home is located in Wolcott, CT.  When the home was originally treated for termites the damage was extensive.  The sill plate along the front and right side of the home was so badly damaged from termites that the entire […]

Crawl Space Ventilation

    Open vent for a crawl space? If a crawl space vent is left open year round cold air is allowed into the building envelope.  This creates an inefficient heat space that costs you money on your heating bills. In the summer the same vent allows warm humid air into the building envelope.  When […]

Moles in yard

Moles in your lawn are a huge problem.  Moles make tunnels beneath your lawn in search of food sources such as grubs and earthworms.  Many homeowners and even some professionals think that getting rid of the grubs will solve the problem, unfortunately it doesn’t. The only way to solve a mole problem is to physically […]

Carpenter Ants versus Termites

Knowing the difference between carpenter ants versus termites is important.  Every spring we get calls from homeowners that say they see ants with wings.  Typically these homeowners have no idea as to whether they’re dealing with swarming termites or swarming ants.  This article is to help you identify the differences between carpenter ants versus termites. […]

Powder Post Beetles In Wood

You don’t come across things like this very often, but when you do it’s very interesting.  We received a call from a homeowner with powder post beetles in a piece of “green wood”.  The beetles were burrowing out and leaving frass all over the kitchen in this beautifully renovated 1930’s country home. It’s difficult to […]