Carpenter Ants versus Termites

Knowing the difference between carpenter ants versus termites is important.  Every spring we get calls from homeowners that say they see ants with wings.  Typically these homeowners have no idea as to whether they’re dealing with swarming termites or swarming ants.  This article is to help you identify the differences between carpenter ants versus termites.

It’s important to note that both ants and termites in their reproductive form have wings.  The difference between the two is as follows:


Carpenter Ants                                                                                

Carpenter ant female reproductive
Carpenter ant female reproductive  
  • Have 4 wings two short and two long
  • Have 3 distinct body sections.
  • Have a triangular “node” between the abdomen and thorax
  • Are roughly 1/4″ in size
  • Females are larger than the males


  • Have four wings.  All of equal length
  • Have only 2 distinct body sections
  • Have no visible “node”
  • Are much smaller in size than carpenter ants
  • When they swarm the wings fall of
Termite swarmmer
Termite swarmmer

Knowing the difference between carpenters ant vs termites is half the battle.

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