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Permanent Rodent Control for Your Home

At Envirocare Pest Control we know how important a clean, pest-free home is; after all, we’re homeowners too. That’s why we have perfected our own brand of permanent rodent and wildlife exclusion. We call it MouseBarrier.

Our MouseBarrier system is the culmination of our 27 years in the pest management industry. It works, it’s affordable, and it’s guaranteed.

MouseBarrier for Your Home

A MouseBarrier service consists of custom bent hardware wire, aluminum, rodent repellents, and other sealing methods. Our complete MouseBarrier rodent blocking system will increase the value of your property and make your home is more comfortable for your family.

Are There Mice, Squirrels, or Other Wildlife in Your Attic or Basement?

The fact is, when animals gain access to your home, they can cause damage. It doesn’t matter how many animals gain access, if they’re there you can count on damage being present as well. It could be damaged insulation, chewed wires, or worse.

MouseBarrier seals the most vulnerable areas of the attic, basement, and crawl space because typically this is where animals are present.

Mice enter via utility penetrations, corners leading to the attic and under the lip of the siding. Animals like squirrels get in at dormers, roof corners, and damaged soffits. MouseBarrier stops this behavior.

MouseBarrier Stops This Behavior!

Procedure for Installing MouseBarrier

A MouseBarrier service isn’t just any service. It takes some planning. The steps to our installation procedure are:

  1. Inspection: We’ll inspect your home and identify areas where pests are getting in, document entrances with a graph and measure for price.
  2. Planning: We’ll pick the best materials for your home; either aluminum, smooth wire, or a combination of both.
  3. Assess Damage: Our inspector can make a recommendation as to whether insulation replacement is needed. We have the ability to install either foam or state of the art cellulose insulation to the attic or basement.
  4. Mass Trapping: We’ll make a minimum of 2-4 trips to your home before the full installation to trap all mice and animals that have gained access to the interior of your property.
  5. Installation: A 1-2 man crew will spend 1-2 days installing MouseBarrier according to our plan for your home.

Ironclad Warranty

MouseBarrier comes with an easy to understand warranty.  If mice come back- so will we, free of charge to remove them and found out exactly how they’re getting in (exclusions apply).

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