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Friends, family, health aides, and restaurant delivery people come in and out of your house every day – and with them may come unwelcome guests: roaches. A single roach in your home can quickly turn into a big problem since these pests reproduce rapidly. While they will not cause damage to your home, roaches can trigger childhood asthma.

In Connecticut homes and businesses, we most commonly deal with the German roach, a tan roach with two black horizontal stripes on the head. Even if you don’t actually see any roaches, you may notice fecal matter (which looks like black pepper) and shedding left in corners, under cabinets, or in cracks and crevices – a sure sign of their presence. You should also be wary if a neighbor has had roaches and if you live in a multi-family housing unit. In these cases, it’s best to call for pest control without delay.

FAQs: Roach Control Services from Envirocare Pest Control

What happens during a roach treatment?

  1. The home or business owner should first remove excess clutter and do general cleaning.
  2. One of our service technicians will then use specially formulated gel baits with birth control mixed in. The baiting process is clean – only in the most extreme circumstances will we ask you to empty all cabinetry, etc.
  3. During the first service visit, our technician will also use a powerful vacuum to remove as many live roaches as possible. We treat all rooms, but the main focus will be on the kitchen and bathrooms, as these areas will most likely be the breeding grounds for roaches.

Can my family remain at home during treatment?

Yes, since we aren’t using liquids or aerosol treatments, family and pets can remain at the home while the treatment takes place.

How long will it take to be completely free of roaches?

Depending on sanitation and homeowner cooperation, your pest problem should start to get better after the first few treatments.

Is there a warranty for roach extermination?

The typical warranty for a roach extermination service is one year. We also offer a regular monthly service, during which we can keep your home or business free of roaches and other pests such as mice.

Roaches are bad news – but the good news is that Envirocare Pest Control can exterminate them with minimal interruption of your daily routine and with maximum effectiveness. Services are available to both commercial and residential accounts. Call 888.879.6481 today or contact us online for more information.

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