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Have a current insect or wildlife problem? Looking for preventative services for the upcoming season? No problem. Our trained technicians can handle it all – and every service is backed by a worry-free warranty: If pests come back, SO WILL WE. Envirocare Pest Control provides fast, effective, and affordable solutions for pest-free living. With more than 20 years of experience, nobody knows pest control like Envirocare. It’s time to Take Control!

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protecting your home from:


Envirocare Pest Control provides seasonal pest prevention services for your home or business. Interested in long-term pest prevention? Our quarterly service plans are designed to protect your property from 15+ common pests through each season, with regularly scheduled maintenance programs that are both convenient and environmentally friendly.


The application of all-natural rodent repellent will keep your home or business free of mice, rats, and other unwelcome house guests.


A treatment around the exterior foundation, door frames and other pest entry points will deter ants, wasps, and other pests awakening with the warmer weather.


Ants, spiders and other pests are kept at bay with our targeted summer application. We’ll also treat for wasps and hornets that may have found your home.


Don't harbor hibernating pests! Fall services focus on preventing insects’ entry and repelling rodents as the temperatures drop.

Make pests a thing of the past.

For over 20 years, Envirocare has protected Southern and Central Connecticut homes and businesses using pet-friendly and less toxic treatment methods, all tailored to your needs – because no two pest control problems are the same.


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How much should I pay for pest control?

David Bisaillon, October 20, 2023

How much should I pay for pest control?  I'm sitting at my desk thinking of things to write about to keep readers engaged and imagined a customer asking me this question. I regularly write about experiences that I've had in the field and take pictures of pest issues.  I've answered…

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Signs of mice? Sometimes it not obvious

David Bisaillon, October 6, 2023

Signs of mice in your home is an obvious reason to have a pest control service.  However, most homeowners think the only sign they're looking for is droppings.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  If you can believe it there's a much bigger sign and it may be more…

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Frank was great!! And the whole staff of Envirocare is excellent!! From the office staff to all in the field!! Dave runs a great company and I hear that from all the people that work there.!! Been using them for many years!! Great job Dave !!! Rick Settani

Ricky Boy Avatar Ricky Boy
May 15, 2024

Austin came out today to take care of an ant issue I was having. He was kind, patient and thorough. He explained everything very well and answered all my questions, which i have a lot of. I've been a customer of envirocare for a long time and I've worked with a lot of people. Austin has proved to be one of the best. Thank you Austin for all your help!

Nikki Cable Avatar Nikki Cable
May 13, 2024

Anthony is the best! He is always professional, friendly and knows what he needs to do. Keeps us updated on “pests” in the area and what to look for. We are happy customers!

Carla Preiman Avatar Carla Preiman
April 26, 2024

This was Abram’s first visit to my house. He started off by asking what my specific issues were and what he could do on that particular visit. He was very attentive and professional, and did a great job! This is a great company to begin with, but I was especially happy with Abram’s service. Since I forgot to post in the past, it is also worth noting that Jonathan has come out on a couple occasions before and has been extremely helpful as well!

steviep86 Avatar steviep86
April 17, 2024

I love when Daniel is scheduled to service the house because I know that everything will get done; the "filled" traps will get cleared, new traps will be set, bait stations will be filled (which I always forget) and the foundation will be sprayed. I never have to worry or wonder about the quality of the job when Daniel is there, and he makes me feel like our house is the only one- he seems to remember everything, which is awesome. (Honestly, I can't complain about any of the technicians.) Thank you Daniel, and thank you Envirocare! See you next time around!

T C Avatar T C
April 17, 2024

Michael (the person who came out to our house to help pest-proof it / get rid of our mouse problem) is a LEGEND. Crazy helpful, insightful, and so so kind. I cannot recommend this team enough for the fantastic work and customer service they do and provide!!!

Kate Segrin Avatar Kate Segrin
April 16, 2024

Dave Gabriel has been providing our home with excellent service for over five years. Super thorough and very friendly. Highly recommend.

David Parr Avatar David Parr
April 4, 2024

Abram came out to our house and was a huge help. He texted prior to his visit to let us know when he was arriving. He was on time and very thorough during the process. Extremely professional and personable. He even set up our next appointment for follow up.

S Quad (Quad) Avatar S Quad (Quad)
March 27, 2024

The technician was extremely thorough and professional. He took his time to review the house and determine what he needed to Do and then explained it all to me. When he was finished, he showed me everything he had done. I appreciated the time he spent at my home-

Nancy Stein Avatar Nancy Stein
March 21, 2024

We've been using Envirocare for yearly bug sprayings and were happy with the service. When we encountered mice in our home we immediately called them for service. Abram was so wonderful; he walked the entire house with me and answered all of my questions. Highly recommend!

Alexa Griffin Avatar Alexa Griffin
March 21, 2024

Outstanding Service! Punctual, professional, polite, knowledgeable, accommodating and so helpful! Michael was fantastic! He not only addressed our issues and concerns, but provided education and information on how to best protect our home! He is the best!!!

Ronald Grappone Avatar Ronald Grappone
March 13, 2024

Highly recommend. Very pleasant to deal with, arrives on time, and offers very fair prices. I had my house treated for termites years ago and there hasn't been any evidence of new activity since. Just had a new inspection and everything checked out as it should.

Karen Bernartz Avatar Karen Bernartz
March 12, 2024

Our technician, Dave during a quarterly extermination treatment on our vacation home, texted me to inform us that there was some water leaking in a few areas in the house. This was beyond the scope of his work & responsibilities. After only 2 years of treating the house, he was able to find how the field mice were entering the house- thru the utility lines that run into the house from the AC units. He blocked the openings with wire mesh that they can’t chew through This is the first time the house is mice free! Thank you so much Dave!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Annie Chu Avatar Annie Chu
March 8, 2024

Envirocare always comes to inspect in a timely manner and cares about helping. Michael has come out the past few times and he is the most caring, polite, kind, and outgoing service worker we've had the pleasure of working with. With something as important as pest control for our home, we feel very safe and taken care of with Envirocare.

Karina Sorensen Avatar Karina Sorensen
February 27, 2024

Jonathan (and a helper, John) just cleaned my ductwork on Feb 19th. I am very pleased with their service. Jonathan also installed the mouse barrier system on my home a few years back. He is very conscientious. The entire company cares about doing a good job for their customers. I took this photo of his camera/scope after the job was complete (the date on their camera is not correct). As you can see, it's perfectly clean.

Nature Lover Avatar Nature Lover
February 22, 2024

Anthony does an awesome job every time he comes to service my house, he is very thorough and explains everything so I understand what's going on!

Eric Mathes Avatar Eric Mathes
February 14, 2024

Outstanding professional service. Just wanted to add from last year's review that Daniel has done excellent work for us (always on time, polite and effective)!

Vincent Casey Avatar Vincent Casey
February 9, 2024

Daniel is careful and thorough in his program. I appreciate the followup calls after each visit. Our house is managed well bc of his care.

Julie Friedman Avatar Julie Friedman
December 11, 2023

Dave is a knowledgeable, courteous professional. He's visited our home twice. Both times, he listened to our concerns and explained his pest control strategy. I highly recommend him.

Brian Koonz Avatar Brian Koonz
November 17, 2023

Jonathan is the best Exterminator I have ever worked with. He has a passion to get rid of bugs and other pests. He does what he has to do to make sure the problem is solved. First visit is quite extensive and effective. Recurring treatments as necessary. The situation is resolved in a few months. Envirocare is a Great company to deal with and very cooperative. Highly recommend them.

Rick Macri, Sr Avatar Rick Macri, Sr
November 15, 2023
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