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Bats eat thousands of insects each night, giving them a pivotal role in our environment. However, there’s no place for them in your home. Envirocare Pest Control can humanely remove any of these pests who try to make your home their own.

Connecticut is habitat for both little brown bats and big brown bats. They are very similar in lifestyle and appearance; the big brown bat is several inches larger (as the name suggests) in body size and wingspan and is known to burrow into wall cavities and under insulation during cold winter temperatures. Bats can enter your home through a space the width of your pinky finger – and gaps like this exist in every home.

Bats themselves are not dangerous to humans and there is less than a 1% chance that the bats in your home carry rabies. Like most wild animals, bats will only bite if handled or threatened – but because rabies is fatal if left untreated, the bat should be caught and taken to the state virology lab for testing if human contact does occur.

FAQs: Bat Exclusion Services from Envirocare Pest Control

What happens during the bat exclusion process?

  1. Initial Inspection: Our State of CT licensed wildlife person will perform a full ladder inspection of your home to identify exactly how bats are entering the property. The most common entry points are dormers, soffits and flashing areas at the roof line.
  2. Phase One of Exclusion: We install temporary one-way doors (consisting of black netting) at all areas where bats are entering. This allows the bats to safely exit the structure without allowing them back in. We will also close additional areas so bats cannot re-enter the property elsewhere. The one-way doors will remain up until all bats have left the home (generally 7-10 days).
  3. Phase Two of Exclusion: We will return to remove and seal the one-way doors and other areas with a discreet weatherproof black foam or clear caulk, leaving you with a bat-proof and bat-free home.

No bats are exterminated during this process.

Is your bat exclusion service available year-round?

Bat exclusion cannot be safely performed in the months of June and July. During this period, the a full bat exclusion service can trap the young flightless bats in your home. In some cases, we can begin the job during these months, leaving the bats’ point of entry and exit open.

Is there a warranty for bat exclusion?

All our bat exclusion work comes with an initial 3-year no-hassle lifetime warranty that can be renewed yearly.

What about the bat guano that’s left behind?

Bat guano (fecal matter) is dangerous to humans, as it can contain the fungal spores of histoplasmosis. Envirocare Pest Control offers an additional bat guano removal service, in which we will remove the guano, sanitize the area, and replace all affected insulation with new cellulose insulation.

For more information on our bat pest control services, give us a call at 888.879.6481or submit the form. We’ll get back to you in one business day.

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