Mice in the office? Send them packing

Mice in the office is a common problem that we deal with daily.  You’ll need to know the basics before you try yourself. I’m not going to bore you with details of rodent reproduction.  The reason is that you’re likely here only to find out how the mice got in and how to get rid […]

Where are mice getting in

Where are mice getting in?  It’s a fair question that’s doesn’t always have an easy answer.  There are the common areas such as garage doors that have worn weather stripping and exterior utility penetrations, but those are obvious.  Read on to see if the mice that are ruining your attic or basement may be gaining […]

How are mice getting into your home

How are mice getting into your home? It’s an age old question that in most cases has an obvious answer.  The main culprit can be your garage.  The reason garages allow mice in are numerous.  However, the most obvious is that the weather stripping is worn, improperly installed or rodents just flat out chewed threw […]

Can mice be dangerous? Yes, they chew wires

Can mice be dangerous? As a pest management professional I’m painfully aware that droppings are the main reason why people want mice gone.  However, mice along with other rodent pests can cause fires. Mice show up in the strangest places. Can mice be dangerous and cause fires? I’m writing this blog post on the sad […]

Mice in the basement. How did they get in?

Mice in the basement is by far the most common symptom of mice found in homes.  The reason is that there are just so many areas where they can get in.  Mice are small and agile.  In fact, in order to get into a home they only need a hole the diameter of a pencil.  […]