Are mice setting off your traps?

Mice setting off your traps, but not catching anything? This happens to the best of us, including professionals.  In order to solve this issue it may take some trial and error.  Be prepared that you may need the help of a professional.

Mouse control in your house needn’t be hard if you follow a few simple directions.

The mouse in your house may not be a mouse at all

Mice setting off your traps
The common deer mice can set off traps and be difficult to catch

We get calls from homeowners all the time that have tried their hardest to do away with a mouse problem.  If you’re using mouse traps and mice are setting off your traps.  Are you sure it’s mice?

If you have mice in the attic and you’re setting traps that aren’t catching anything you’ll have to give some thought to whether or not you may have flying squirrels.  This is a common issue in the rural parts of Connecticut.  This is especially true for homes that have trees next to or hanging over it.  Try inspecting your attic for droppings larger than mouse droppings.  If you find them send a picture to CT DEEP or Envirocare Pest Control for a positive identification.

Another common mistaken identity issue is having your bait disappear when traps are in the basement.  If this is happening the culprit is likely ants.  In particular the pavement ant.  Many people know pavement ants as sugar ants or slab ants.  Get rid of the ants and they’ll stop taking your bait.

You’re using the wrong bait and mice are setting off your traps

Mice are not terribly picky eaters, but it’s best to use the same food in your trap that the mice are feeding on.  For instance, if mice are stealing pet food use a bit of that.  What if you’re sure it’s mice, but they’re still not taking the bait.

Unfortunately, this happens.  In the past when we’ve done everything to catch a mouse, but nothing works we stop using food altogether.  Mice like other animals nest in cozy areas.  Try wrapping some dental floss around the trap trigger for them to use.  You’ll be surprised at how often this works.

The bait your using is correct, but your traps are no good

A snap trap has a life expectancy.  Many times when a trap is being set off, but nothing is being caught it’s because the trap is defective and going off on it’s own.  The best way to combat this is to use new to newer traps.  Many times, especially in basement mechanical rooms vibrations will set off older traps.

Do you need an exterminator to rid your house of mice?

There are times when do it yourself pest control just doesn’t pay.  The time, energy and money that you put into catching a pest may not be worth it.  You’ll know that it’s time to call a professional if you’ve exhausted all the options above and you still have pests.

A professional pest management service can use multiple methods of catching pests including specialized baits and sealing techniques just to name a few.  When dealing with a pest like mice that have such a high reproduction rate a small problem can get out of control quickly.

If you need a mouse exterminator in CT, call 1-888-879-6481.   We can help.