Mice in the office? Send them packing

Mice in the office is a common problem that we deal with daily.  You’ll need to know the basics before you try yourself.

I’m not going to bore you with details of rodent reproduction.  The reason is that you’re likely here only to find out how the mice got in and how to get rid of them.

How do mice in the office get in?

What type of exterior do most commercial buildings have? If you said brick, you’re correct.  The great thing about brick is that it’s clean and will last far longer than most other types of siding, but brick has a big drawback.  It provides the perfect texture for mice to climb up.  This is one of the reasons why mice are not limited to the first floors in commercial buildings.  They were able to climb right up the side.

Mice are living in the hollow block

In keeping with the construction theme I have to mention hollow block (some call it cinder block) walls.  All mice once inside will look for a

Mouse entrance to commercial building
Mice easily climb brick and invade buildings through penetrations

secluded place to live.  When is the last time you saw a mouse nest behind a desk or cabinet?  Never is the answer! So, where are they? In the walls and hollow block voids; happy and healthy.

Mice in the office are kept alive by its occupants

Mice are known as a commensal rodent.  This literally means living with man.  Take a guess at where major portions of a rodents food source comes from? You guessed it, the occupants.  We all know the person that keeps candy or snacks in their desk and then complains that mice got into it.  The behavior has to be curtailed if in fact you’re serious about getting rid of mice in your office.

Controlling mice in the office

Catching mice in a commercial building is the same as catching them in a home.  It involves traps, rodenticides, sanitation and exclusion.  I think we’re all aware what traps and baits are for, but where should they be placed.

Over the past 28 years in the pest control industry I’ve had the pleasure of inspecting many of our own and our competitors accounts.  In many cases I’ll walk in only to find rodenticide bait stations, snap traps etc out in the open.  This is wrong.

In order to rid a building of mice you must place the control measure where a mouse is going to find them.  These areas include drop ceilings, steam tunnels and inside areas left for mechanical access etc.

Mouse exclusion and sanitation are important

To end the article we can’t forget about how the mice got in and what’s sustaining them.  Mice don’t need alot to survive especially sense much of their water comes from there food.  Also, in many cases commercial occupants invite mice in.

The simplest way to address both these issues is to install door sweeps on exterior doors, leave service doors closed and plug utility penetrations.  This in conjunction with sanitation in eating areas and at desks is a great way to round out a pest control program with a competent provider like Envirocare Pest Control.

If you work in or own a commercial building with mice call 1-888-879-6481.  We’d like to help.