Mice in the garage is a solvable problem

Mice in the garage is a solvable problem. The reason is that mice, with very few exceptions are getting in from one of 3 areas.  Once these areas are identified a skilled pest control technician can eliminate this problem.

Over the years we in the pest control industry hear the same complaints.  One of the most common comes in the fall and winter.  It sounds like this “mice are nesting in my lawnmower, car or other piece of equipment”.  This happens regardless as to whether it was neatly tucked away or not.  The reason it happens is due to one (or all) of the following.

  • Poor or damaged weather stripping
  • Chewed side vinyl weather stripping
  • Uneven garage floor

Sound familiar?  Do you have any of these going on?

Mice in the garage is preventable. Do you know where to look?

While mice in the garage is easily preventable, you do need to know what you’re looking for.

The first and most obvious area is the side vinyl trim.  Mice have the annoying habit of chewing directly through the edges and leaving an unsightly half moon shaped hole.  Once they’re finished they have access to come and go as they please.

Mouse damage weather stripping
Damaged weather stripping

Second, and sometimes the hardest to notice is the weather stripping at the garage base.  Once weather stripping is damaged either by age or rodents it must be completely removed.

The best option after removal is to replace it with a rodent and weather resistant product.

Rodent resistant garage weather stripping
Rodent resistant garage weather stripping

Our go to product is featured to the right and a perfect addition to our MouseBarrier whole home rodent exclusion. After being cut and measured accurately it will provide years of rodent free garage space.

Lastly, some homes have an uneven floor base.  In most cases this can be corrected with sleeves that attach to the floor of the garage.  After installation the garage door slides into the sleeve and corrects the issue.  In drastic cases where the sleeve wont hold due to damaged concrete a skilled mason can redo area of the floor to make them level.

Rodent protection for your vehicles and equipment

If you have mice in your garage, don’t risk thousands of dollars worth of damage to your vehicles call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.