Crawl Space Insulation

These pictures are before and after shots of a wet, rodent infested crawl space that we just finished.   This crawl was insufficiently winterized with very little insulation.  To make matters worse it had insulation that was soaked with rodent urine and fecal matter.  Here’s how we transformed it. After putting on our protective gear, […]

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

The problems associated with dirt crawl spaces and moisture are well documented.  We have a new service to go along with our crawl space encapsulation program that basement waterproofers just aren’t equipped to provide.  The service is rodent exclusion. Let’s face it where do most people find rodents?  In basements and crawl spaces, correct?  Who […]

Mice Infestation: The largest cause of unknown fires

Did you know that a mice infestation are the greatest cause of unknown fires? If you’ve never seen a true mice infestation were mice have chewed wires I’ve posted a classic picture of just how devastating rodent damage can be.  This particular wire has been chewed and permanently stained with rodent fecal matter and rub […]

Mice: The great invader

There are two different species of mice in Connecticut.  They’re deer mice and the house mice.  The picture to the left shows a female deer mouse tending to her young in a detached barn in Washington Depot, CT. The main difference between the two mice is that deer mice are much hardier than house mcie. […]

Termite Mud Tunnel: How to spot them

If I had a dollar for every termite mud tunnel that I’ve seen over the past 20 years in my pest control career I’d be a rich man.  However, just because I can easily identify a termite mud tunnel doesn’t mean you can. So, the picture to the left is that of a classic termite […]

Rats in yard? A common problem

Rats in your yard can be a touchy subject.  Tell someone you went to a home that has rats and your likely to envision an abandoned building in the middle of a large metropolitan area.  While it’s true that cities have rats, your also likely to find rats in a regular neighborhood the same as […]