Crawl Space Insulation

These pictures are before and after shots of a wet, rodent infested crawl space that we just finished.

Rodent infested before shot of crawl space
Rodent infested before shot of crawl space


This crawl was insufficiently winterized with very little insulation.  To make matters worse it had insulation that was soaked with rodent urine and fecal matter.  Here’s how we transformed it.

  1. After putting on our protective gear, we removed and bagged all the insulation
  2. We then sprayed all areas of the crawl space with DSV.  This product is a disinfectant that kills viruses and will prevent the droppings from becoming airborne during cleaning.
  3. Then we vacuumed with an asbestos vacuum that traps 99.999% of all contaminants
  4. Next, we used a insulation gun to permanently fix 2.5″ thick termite and moisture resistant foam boards to the walls.  These boards effectively insulate to R-11.
  5. A rodent exclusion was performed to prevent rodent reentry into the crawl space.
  6. Last, we cut to size foam insulation boards and sealed all the edges with an air sealing foam.
crawl space finished
Finished walls, floors and joist cavities

The same process will work on basements with rodent soiled insulation.

Envirocare Pest Control, LLC is the only crawl space repair company that provides crawl space cleaning, rodent exclusion and insulating all in one service.

If you have a crawl space or basement in need of fixing, please call 1-888-879-6481.  We can help