Carpenter Ants In House

Do you have carpenter ants in your house.  Everyday during the summer people ask me.  How can I get rid of carpenter ants? Well the simple truth is that most carpenter ant control starts with common sense.  I took the picture show below during a recent inspection in Newtown, CT.  As you can see the chimney is covered in ivy.  It looks great, but if your chimney can possible be mistaken for a tree there’s a problem.

dense vegatiation

Here’s the best advice that I can give you regarding vegetation.

1. Ivy, no matter how good it looks should never be growing on the house

2. Trees and bushes should never be touching the house

3. Planning what a tree will look like at its full growth before planting is the best way to do landscaping



Carpenter ants thrive on dense vegetation because it traps moisture against the home.  Also, carpenter ants love wet wood because they can chew through wet wood easier than a dry piece.  Carpenter ants can damage your home and their a nuisance.

Do yourself a favor NO IVY!

If you have carpenter ants in your house or know someone who does, call Envirocare Pest Control, LLC at 1-888-879-6481 .  We can help