Crawl Space Ventilation



Open vent for a crawl space? If a crawl space vent is left open year round cold air is allowed into the building envelope.  This creates an inefficient heat space that costs you money on your heating bills.

In the summer the same vent allows warm humid air into the building envelope.  When the warm humid air mixes with cold air coming from a dirt crawl space floor the end result is moisture and moisture on wood creates mold.  It also creates foul crawl space odors.

Last, crawl spaces are notorious for rodent issues.

The picture to the right  is of a vented crawl space in Newtown, CT.   crawl space vent

The staff at Envirocare Pest Control can provide your home with a crawl space encapsulation that will stop moisture damage, rodent activity and mold.

Our finished product of a crawl space located in Southbury, CT



If you have a dirt crawl space in Connecticut that is in need of repair, call 1-888-879-6481.  We can help