How Do Mice Get into the Attic?

Are mice getting into your house, especially in the attic? This is something that almost everyone is going to have to deal with at one time or another, even me!

This weekend my wife and I were cleaning out the flower beds at our Watertown, CT, home to get ready for the impending winter when I heard her scream from the front of the house. It turns out that when she looked over her shoulder there was a mouse climbing the brick at the front of my home! The nerve! He obviously didn’t know where he was.

Which leads me to the question, how do mice get into the attic?

Here’s the answer:

Mice can climb:           

Touching tree and after market air conditioning allow direct access to the attic
Touching trees and after-market air conditioning allow direct access to the attic
  • Under the corner areas of the siding
  • Brick siding to the roof line
  • Rough cedar siding
  • Trees too close to the home
  • After-market air conditioning tubes

Once on or near the roof they can enter:

  • Corners
  • Dormers
  • Under fascia boards

Rodent control isn’t always a mystery. Sometimes the answers are obvious.

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