Yellow jackets nesting in walls

Yellow jackets nesting in walls is a common problem that we deal with in August and Sept.  The key to control of this issue is to know where the wasps are and how they are getting in.  Exterminating them is the easy part.  However, even after 27 years in the business I’m still shocked by some of the things I see.

When yellow jackets are nesting in walls a homeowner will notice one of a few symptoms very early on.  The first and most obvious is that a steady stream of wasps will be coming and going from a particular area on the outside of the home.  This by itself should give everyone a good idea that a problem exists.

The next symptom is also obvious if you know what to listen for.  Yellow jackets actually make an audible noise and can be heard in a quiet house.  The sound is the yellow jackets moving around in the nest.  It sounds like a faint clicking or tapping noise.

Yellow jackets nesting in walls
Yellow jacket nest coming through the wall

While all of these are relatively common symptoms we found an uncommon, but equally as obvious symptom in the summer of 2020. Pictured to the left is a yellow jacket nest that’s gotten so large it came through the drywall. This nest was found by the homeowner while they were moving furniture.

As you can imagine the homeowner was very concerned as it’s not everyday that you run into a wasp nest behind a dresser. Luckily in this case our service person was able to quickly exterminate the wasps.  He injected a small amount of material directly into the nest and at the request of the customer we returned a few days later. On this return trip we cut open the wall and removed the nest by hand.  A happy ending to say the least.

Pest control can be serious business.  Imagine if there was a person who was allergic to wasps sleeping this room.

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