Pest control in the fall is important

Pest control in the fall is a very important time of the year to receive service.  However, many homeowners ignore it because they assume pests are gone.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, many pests such as mice, stinkbugs, wasps and ants will overwinter in your home and emerge next spring.  Here is what actually happens.

Probably the most important pest that may need pest control in the fall is the mouse.  Mice are known to live better when in close contact with humans.  There relationship to man is the reason why they are so successful.  There are a myriad of places that mice can get in, but the most common are garage frames, utility penetrations, exterior corners and under the siding lip.  Pest control for mice in the fall should be addressed by spraying a liquid rodent repellent and physically blocking mice out with metal and hardware wire.

Another pest that will want to gain access in the fall are wasps.  All wasps overwinter.  What this means is that fertilized females will get into cracks and crevices around window and door frames and spend the winter there.  This is most prevalent on the sunny side of home.  Occasionally, you’ll actually see a wasp emerge on a warm winter day inside, but be assured there are no nests at this time of year as wasp nests are used for only one season.

The next pest that will want to gain access into your home during the fall are stinkbugs.  These pests are tenacious and gain access to many of the same places wasps do.  For that reason the best areas to treat are window frames, door frames and cracks around the roof line.  It will be difficult to get full control, but a well executed treatment will go along way to getting rid of most if not all pests.

The last pest that we need to discuss is the carpenter ant.  Every year in the spring we get calls from people that have ant issues.  The call sounds something like this “Hello, this Jane Doe I have ants again this spring can you come out and treat?”.  How unlucky would a person have to be to have ants every single year?  The answer is very and most ant problems start in the fall.  Moreover, most people already have a nest located within their home and don’t even know it.  Preventing this from being the case can and should be done in the fall.

Pest control in the fall is a great time to set yourself up for a pest free spring.  If you’d like fewer pests, call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.