Bat Guano or Mouse Droppings?

Today I received a call from a homeowner that really had a problem. Mrs. X was perplexed as to how rodents and bats could be so different, yet their droppings were the same. Mrs. X was wrong—their droppings are not the same. This is a common identification problem that has an easy solution. Here’s how to […]

Bat in your house

Do you have a bat in your house?  I’ll make this short and sweet. I know lots of bats are dying in winter tabernacles in the northeast, but we still are getting complaint calls about bats in peoples homes. If a bat ends up unannounced in your home here is what to do: 1. Don’t […]

Strange Noises in the Attic? It Could Be Bats, Mice or Squirrels!

On an almost daily basis our company fields calls about strange noises in the attic. Most if not all noises coming from the attic can be attributed to either rodents, bats or squirrels. Here’s how to tell the difference before you call a pro: Bats normally make a noise that sounds like flapping wings hitting a […]