Strange Noises in the Attic? It Could Be Bats, Mice or Squirrels!

On an almost daily basis our company fields calls about strange noises in the attic. Most if not all noises coming from the attic can be attributed to either rodents, bats or squirrels. Here’s how to tell the difference before you call a pro:

A Squirrel in the Attic of a Connecticut Home
A Squirrel in the Attic of a Connecticut Home
  1. Bats normally make a noise that sounds like flapping wings hitting a wall.
  2. Mice usually will either make a light scratching noise or a light muffled scamper.
  3. Grey squirrels, which are usually only active from dawn to dusk, make both scratching noises and heavy-sounding scampering noises.
  4. Flying squirrels, which are active at night, make a distinct thump as they land on the roof, followed by a scampering noise.

When you hear noises in your attic and investigate the area, in most cases you will find feces that will identify your noisemaker, as the feces from each animal is unique.

If you are unable to find any fecal matter, go outside and check the roof line for chew marks, chewed oval holes near gutters, damaged gable vents, damaged roofing and of course the animal itself (more than a few times we have caught grey squirrels red-handed as they leave the scene).

Envirocare Installs TAP Insulation

Here at Envirocare we can also install TAP Insulation in your attic, a special type of insulation that offers energy cost savings as well as a unique pest-control benefit that helps keep bats, mice, squirrels and other pests out of your attic.

WARNING: If you suspect that your noisy visitor is a raccoon, call a pest control professional ASAP. Raccoons are incredibly strong and will retaliate if cornered (especially if young are present). Also remember there is a biohazard when dealing with fecal matter so do not handle it under any circumstances.

Good luck and if you need help we can be reached at 1-888-879-6481 or Contact Us