Bat in your house

Do you have a bat in your house?  I’ll make this short and sweet. I know lots of bats are dying in winter tabernacles in the northeast, but we still are getting complaint calls about bats in peoples homes. If a bat ends up unannounced in your home here is what to do:

1. Don’t call the police they are burdened as it is, you can do this on your own.
2. If possible, confine the bat to a single closed room, open the windows (and screens) and allow the bat to exit.
3. If the bat is in an open room, trap it under a container after it lands. Then slide a piece of paper or cardboard under the container. Gently, flip the container over and let the bat go outside.
4. Don’t harm the bat (if possible) in any way as they are good for the environment.

If you can’t find the bat, you must look everywhere including under drapes, window frames, storage, furniture etc. They can be almost anywhere. If you handle a bat, it must be done with a thick glove as the bat will try to bite.

If you suspect or know that someone within the home has been bitten or scratched you MUST get the bat to the DEP virology lab. While only less than 1% of bats have rabies, if you contract it it’s fatal.

After this incident ends (which unfortunately is usually at 3 am) call us and we will be happy to perform a full inspection as well as give a free estimate for bat exclusion. Exclusions are best done after August 15th when young bats are able to fly.

If you need our help call 1-888-879-6481