Termite Treatment and How It’s Performed

Today we did a termite treatment in Beacon Falls, CT.  The customer was an engineer and wanted to know some of the more technical things about termite control.  By his own admission he just didn’t want to know that the bugs we gone.  He wanted to know how and why they were gone.  Fair enough, […]

Rats in yard? A common problem

Rats in your yard can be a touchy subject.  Tell someone you went to a home that has rats and your likely to envision an abandoned building in the middle of a large metropolitan area.  While it’s true that cities have rats, your also likely to find rats in a regular neighborhood the same as […]

Bed Bugs!!! YUCK

In case you haven’t noticed pest control services have become very popular as of late. This is due to the huge increase in bed bug activity throughout the nation. Bed bugs are spreading so quickly that they soon will reach epidemic status. As the problem becomes larger more individuals are entering the industry looking to […]