Ticks That Carry Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a horrible disease. I unfortunately have come face to face with what could be called an insects ultimate revenge. There is a strong possibility that I myself may have the lyme virus.

Two weeks ago while driving from an appointment I found a partially engorged tick on the rear of my head. I removed it, confirmed that it was a black legged tick and promptly discarded it out the window. I was nervous, but I didn’t discuss the issue any further. After about 4-5 days I began to have tremendous stiffness in my legs, especially at the knees. Since I run regularly I cut back and began taken ibuprofen. Unfortunately, for me the pain continued. I am a horrible sick person so my wife begged me(for her sanity) to see my physician, I did and guess what. I was immediately started on antibiotics to combat lyme disease.


What I learned that I didn’t know may help you.

  • Not all bites require the bulls eye style mark everyone looks for.
  • Ignoring symptoms is silly.
  • Even if you do a tick check after outdoor activities DO IT TWICE.

Finally, I doubt I will ever know officially if I had the virus, but coincidentally after over a week on antibiotics my knees and legs no longer hurt. A coincidence? Maybe, but I’m finishing the meds just to be sure.

P.S My company sprays our yard regularly, I think I need to retrace my steps to all the houses I had visited prior and give alot more tick estimates. There obviously is a yard out there with a problem.

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