Pesticides and You: A Must Read Letter

Pesticides And You


We have all heard the horror stories about pesticides and there long term effects on both the environment and humans. The other side of the story is that in some cases pesticides are a necessary part of the modern world. In fact, many of the gains in agriculture are due to keeping pests at bay with pesticides. Without pesticides pests which have no natural predators would be allowed to destroy crops and other property that the modern world depends on. The trick to safe pesticide usage is to know how to safely use them.

The purpose of this report is not to defend pesticides or even to promote their use. The object is to explain how and when they should be used and what part they play in the service we provide. In order to have a discussion about pesticides the reader must accept that most pesticide accidents occur within the home, by the homeowner. The leading causes of accidents are over application of the pesticide, using the product in a manner that it was not intended for and improper storage of pesticides which accounts for 3/4 of all accidents.

The professional pest management industry has done a great deal of work to assure the general public that we are not the cause of these accidents. Our industry has begun to police itself and require state training and certification. Most all states also require some type of on- going training and recertification. Some companies like ours also have regular meetings about pesticides and their safe application.

As for the use of pesticides, Envirocare Pest Control, LLC obviously uses them. We use them judiciously and only in conjunction with the 4 cornerstones of sound pest management which are inspection, identification, monitoring and recommendations to the homeowner on how to eliminate conducive conditions.

The broad application of pesticides by our service staff is not part of our program, but when they are needed we are using products with a caution rating. This rating is similar to that of a household cleaner. Further, to protect our clients all are technicians are trained to leave vehicles locked and to place any pesticide out of reach of children and pets. Our technicians are also familiar with the label on all the products they use daily.

In closing , pesticides are harmful when placed within the hands of the untrained, but when used carefully in the hands of a trained individual they are just another tool. I want you to be comfortable knowing that a great deal of thought has gone into our services not the least of which is in the careful manner in which it is completed. Should you ever have questions about a pesticide contact a manager at 203-879-6481, they would be happy to speak with you.