Fruit flies in the kitchen? Save money DIY

Fruit flies in the kitchen is a common problem in many homes.  In most cases a pest control company is not needed.

Knowing where to look and what to look for will help you solve the problem on your own.

Flies in the kitchen?

When a commercial customer calls and says that they have fly problems they need professional help and an inspection.  However, the same is not true in homes.  The reason is that commercial establishments have everything that all types of flies, not just fruit flies need, namely food and moisture.

In the typical home the same level of available breeding areas is not likely.  That’s not to say getting rid of fruit flies in the kitchen is easy, its not, but most homeowners have tried everything before they call a pest control company like Envirocare Pest Control.

In the event you’re one of the homeowners that’s tried everything one of the following three things is usually the reason why you’ve failed:

  1. Wrong identification:  There are other small flies such as fungus gnats, house flies and phorid flies that can infest homes
  2. Trapping: Just trapping adults won’t solve your problem.  It persists because of breeding areas
  3. Source: You never looked for the source. Fruit flies breed in fermenting material such as in fruits, potatoes, wines (just to name a few) and in drains

Sources of fly activity that need to be eliminated

As the name of the article suggests there are ways you can save money and get rid of fruit flies in the kitchen yourself.

To do this you must find the source.  Trapping adults WILL NOT get rid of the issue as more flies are breeding in an area close by.

Here’s what to do after you’re positive you’re dealing with a fruit fly

  1. Remove all open fruits and vegetables left out on the counter. Dispose of them OUTSIDE the house if no longer fresh
  2. Clean the garbage can. Liquids may have spilled to the bottom and become a gelatin.  This is a perfect breeding site
  3. Purchase a biological drain cleaner to clean the drains.  Drano and hot water will not work. Don’t neglect cleaning the bathroom and laundry room drains. Follow the directions on the bottle
  4. Make vinegar traps to catch adults
  5. Remove wine, soda and any other liquids from the area

Fruit flies in the kitchen just won’t go away

Fruit flies in the kitchen
Fruit flies were breeding in a 2 year old bag of potatoes that liquified.

If after you’ve done everything above and you still have fruit flies then you’re missing something.  After 27 years in the pest control industry I can tell you that the area you’re missing is likely one of the following.

  1. Fruit or similar food items have fallen behind a counter, refrigerator or piece of furniture.  The fruit flies are breeding in  it.  It’s your job to find it
  2. You don’t believe me that boiling water and drain products are not going to stop fruit flies
  3. A bags of potatoes are some other item has fruit flies breeding in it and it’s hidden in a closet or on a shelf.  See the picture the right as a prime example.  This is exactly what was happening in this Prospect, CT home with a pest problem.

Fruit flies unlike other pest issues like ants, mice and termites can be taken care of by a homeowner.   We hope this article will help with that.

If you have a pest problem and need an exterminator in CT, call 1-888-879-6481.  Envirocare Pest Control can help.