Pest control for your home: A good investment?

Pest control for your home is a good investment.  The reason is that it’s a rare homeowner that knows exactly what pests they have.  Typically when a homeowner finds something they call a contractor, that’s another bad idea and we have proof.

Over this past summer Envirocare received two different calls from customers, both needed service.  While this certainly isn’t unusual the circumstances were.

Bat droppings that were stained ceiling below

The first call was received from a homeowner in Prospect, CT.  When we arrived the homeowner was angry to say the least.  At first, I thought it was our fault.  The customer directed me into the attic and wanted me to look at droppings.  After I surveyed the attic I confirmed that there was a problem with bats.  After giving a price the homeowner contracted for our services and explained that over the past two days she’d received two estimates for a new roof!!  However, the third roofer actually went in the attic and noted that the roof was fine and the brown stains on the ceiling were from “some type” of animal.

Next we received at call from Washington Depot and this is another reason to have pest control for your home.  The new owner of a home was having wood siding

removed and replaced.  Upon removing the siding an enormous amount of damage was found to the sheathing below.  The contractor stopped all work and said a termite treatment was needed.  He was so sure it was termites that he stopped all work and moved on to another job. When we arrived at the home and provided a free termite inspection we found that the problem wasn’t termites at all it was actually an insect called powder post beetle.  To make matter worse it was extremely old.

These two stories are all to common for CT pest control companies like Envirocare.

Having a pest control company won’t prevent every issue from occurring, but regular inspections (4x per year) can be a great way to have some piece of mind.

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