Ants in Spring: Its kind of normal

Ants in spring are a common call that we get.  In fact, some people call the same exterminator year after year to “kill” these ants.  Yet next year they’re back again.  Here’s a Connecticut pest control secret.  Depending on the weather and time of year the ants your dealing with are likely the same ants from last year.

Now that we’ve got your attention lets see why.  First, no one is that unlucky!  Well, I guess some people are, but for a fact if you have ants year after year, they are the same ants as last year depending on weather conditions.  For argument let’s say they are not the same ants and its March/April.  In this scenario ants are getting into your home from the woods regardless of weather (snow) and temperature (45-60 degrees). It’s just not likely.

Yet it happens every year to homeowners who are so eager to get rid of ants that they don’t put the relationship together between what it’s like outside and what you’re seeing inside.  Here are the two most common scenarios.

  1. March and there is still snow on the ground and you have ants inside
  2. Beginning of April and the temps haven’t been above 60 degrees and you have ants inside

S0, what do ants in spring have to do with the weather? The answer is…………..

CT carpenter ants
Carpenter ant climbing a wall

The ant we’re talking about will be the carpenter ant because it’s the biggest offender of being inside during the early spring.  Carpenter ants do NOT die during the winter.  They have a natural antifreeze in their body that allows them to survive in harsh temperatures.  The reason homeowners in Connecticut see ants in the spring (with very few exceptions) is that there is a nest inside the home somewhere.  This is also the reason why you see ants year after year.  In some cases the colony is also getting larger.  Large colonies produce reproductive ants, you’ll know them by sight as large ants with wings.  After this you may have two colonies!

As for the actual weather (snow, wind, rain ) carpenter ants tend not to be active outside while it is occurring.  Have you ever seen ants walk over snow?

Carpenter ant colonies are difficult to find and exterminate on your own.  If you need help call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481


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