Can you have ants in your bathroom

Can you have ants in your bathroom?  YES!  In fact, it’s more likely than not if you have a carpenter ant problem.  The topic of ants in your bathroom is popular.  The reason is not so much the ants, but where they may be coming from.

If you’ve read any blog posts from our company you know that we spend a lot of time talking about carpenter ants.  The reason is that it’s the number one reason for calls April-June.

Moisture, moisture and more moisture

If dig into the biology of carpenter ants you’ll find out that ants need moisture and since we all have bathrooms it’s a great place to look first.  The reality is that most full bathrooms have at least 5-6 areas that ants may nest.  You must inspect them all.

The first and most obvious area is window frames.  Window frames are notorious for having ants nesting in them.  Many carpenter ants build colonies in the top header or just under the window sill itself.

The second and third most popular areas would be under the tub and/or behind the shower surround.  Over the years small leaks develop in drains, water gets behind tiles and spillage from the shower gets between the front of the tub and tile.  These situations create perfect conditions for ants.  If your kids are anything like mine the latter happens all the time.  After all what’s a shower unless water is all over the floor!

Not a nesting area, but still popular

The fourth area of concern would be the sink itself.  Carpenter ants have moisture needs just like any other pest and often can be found in the sink or shower looking for water.

Ants travel

The last area is the ceiling.  In Connecticut the center hall colonial is very popular and most modern colonials have multiple baths.  The probability of ants from upstairs emerging downstairs is high.

Last, but not least any talk of ants in your bathroom has to include the toilet bowl.  The simple reason is that it’s by far the most popular place to find a colony in a bathroom.  Carpenter ants nest under toilet bowels all the time.  In fact you may have a nest under your toilet bowel as you read this.  A simple test to see if ants are present is to use an air can (the type that you blow off a keyboard with).  Insert the needle nose between the floor and the bowel and blow the air.  If ants coming running out you’ve found your colony.

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