Business opportunities after Covid 19

Business opportunities after Covid 19 will be everywhere.  The problem will be discerning which opportunities will survive the next down turn.  The pest control industry while competitive is an industry that should go the distance. Over the past 27 years in the pest control industry I’ve seen a lot.  I started my business during the […]

Home service franchises in CT

Home service franchises in CT can be a wonderful opportunity to get into your own business.  However, the problem with many startups isn’t the business itself.  It’s how it’s run. Our franchised business is in the pest control industry.  There is tremendous demand for the services we offer, but there is also a lot of […]

Do franchises supply leads?

Do franchises supply leads to entrepreneurs? This question comes up all the time when speaking to a prospective franchisee.  The answer is both yes and no. When people look at business opportunities many fantasize about becoming wealthy, having free time and the ability to control their own destiny.  All of this could happen, but how?  […]