Business opportunities after Covid 19

Business opportunities after Covid 19 will be everywhere.  The problem will be discerning which opportunities will survive the next down turn.  The pest control industry while competitive is an industry that should go the distance.

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Over the past 27 years in the pest control industry I’ve seen a lot.  I started my business during the dotcom era in 1997 when anyone who had a computer made money on stocks.  My company also saw the real estate crisis up close and personal. The banks invented mortgages and gave money to everyone and not long after both the dotcom bubble and real estate went bust.  I also saw the most recent pandemic where many businesses have been forced to close or cutback the amount of people they can allow inside amongst other restrictions. These periods of time are responsible for killing the American dream of so many people.

As with anything else there is usually a bright spot in times of trouble and business opportunities after covid 19 should be no exception.  There are and were industries that survived through the most trouble times in our history.  One such industry is pest control.  In fact, many pest control companies thrived during the recent pandemic. After all who wants bugs in their house when you can’t go out? Evidently, not many people based on the projection of industry revenue topping 17 billion in 2020.

So, while many business opportunities after covid 19 will be around you should look for a few things in the one you decide to invest in.  If you can answer the following questions with a yes the opportunity deserves further investigation

  • Is there a lot of customers looking for this service in my area?
  • Is the opportunity low cost? (Low cost to me is defined at under 100K)
  • If the industry is competitive can I compete with who’s out there already?
  • Is there a re-occuring revenue stream?
  • Can I find adequate training from someone?
  • Is the industry going to be around in 10,20, 30 years?

I believe that most all the above questions can be answered with a yes and applied to the pest control industry.  So, much so that our company began franchising in 2020.   We decided to take the leap because we believe that we can teach like minded entrepreneurs our systems.  We certainly can’t make you successful only you can do that, but as with anything else if you’re positioned correctly you may be able to have your American dream.

If you’re looking for an essential business in an industry that while competitive has room to grow give Envirocare a call at 1-888-879-6481.  We’d like to speak with you.