Bats getting into your house

Bats getting into your house can be a serious problem.  The reason is all bats can potentially carry rabies.  Another reason is that since bats return year after year to the same structures piles of fecal matter can become large.   So where are bats getting into your house?

Basement dwelling bats

Of all the bat calls bats in the basement can be the most challenging.  The reason is that having bats in the basement isn’t normal bat behavior.  In order to solve this issue the property must be inspected by someone who knows what to look for.

During the interior inspection the service person will most likely focus on two areas.  The chimney cleanout as well as the damper on the furnace.  It doesn’t happen often, but bats can find there way into your home via these two areas.

Bat droppings on the deck is a key sign

If the preceding method of bats getting into your house was the most difficult this is the easiest.  As a pest management professional we’re used to solving pest location issues.  However, every now and again you come across issues that are “run of the mill”.

If you have bat guano on your deck, driveway or sticking to the side of the house chances are the bats are directly above.

The most common bat entry points

Last, the most common area where  bats can get in to your home is at roof lines and dormers. These areas

Bats getting into your house
Bat entrance area where dormer meets the roof

are perfect for bats to gain entrance into the warmest areas of soffits and attics.  Once in these areas females are able to set up summer maternity colonies.  A perfect example of a dormer entrance area is pictured to the right.

The previously open area is where the roof shingles meet the dark brown soffit.  Since bats only need the width of a pinky to get into a home this area on all houses can be a prime target.

If you have bats living in your house and don’t want them call 1-888-879-6481.  Envirocare Pest Control can help.