Ants in the spring and seasonal changes

Ants in the spring is a normal event for homeowners to call about.  In fact, it’s our number on service request during the months of April-June.  The question is why and what does the weather if anything have to do with it?

Weather and pests

Every year like clock work we get calls from homeowners that have particular pest issues at predictable times of year.  For instance ants in the spring is a common call, but why?

The average homeowner is lulled into thinking that ants come inside in May and go away in July.  The truth is that those ants you see every year are likely nesting within the structure.  This is especially true in Connecticut when discussing carpenter ants.

Other ants in spring

CT carpenter ants
Carpenter ant climbing a wall

In Connecticut we don’t have as many pests as some of the other warmer states, but we have our share. Besides carpenter ants many homeowners are bothered by pavement ants, little black ants and citronella ants.  While these ants can be a problem they’re likely not nesting in the house or doing any damage.

What should a homeowner do about seasonal pest changes

Since different pests are active at different times of the year a pest maintenance plan may be in order.  The reason these work so well is that most pest plans account for seasonal pest changes.

A pest management company like Envirocare Pest Control plans

Envirocare Serves Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven Counties, CT
Envirocare Pest Control CT service area

for the the different pests per season. In fact as I sit here and write this we have technicians out in the field treating customers home exteriors with all natural rodent repellents and the ladies in the office booking interiors for mouse work.

Warm weather approaches

When the winter ends we’ll switch gears and begin doing preventative exterior maintenance for carpenter ants.

Last, the best part of most pest management maintenance plans is that in between services are FREE should you require additional service.  At least that how we do it at Envirocare Pest Control.

If you have pests and need a competent pest management company, call 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.