Do you have mice in your shed? Stop them now

Do you have mice in your shed?  It’s a common issue, but there are ways to stop this from happening.  However, first you need to know how the mice are getting in.

The vast majority of people are under the impression that just because you can stop mice from getting into your home that the same should be true for the shed.  Unfortunately, this isn’t true because they’re likely coming right under the front door.

To prove the point go to your shed and look under and around the front door.  If your shed is like most there’s no weather stripping because most sheds are unheated.  Further, the only deterrent to animals getting in is a piece of wood trim that appears to be a seal, but it’s not. This is the main area mice are getting in your shed.

What are mice looking for?

Contrary to popular belief mice are not always looking for warmth in the way we think of it.  This is especially true for the deer mouse which can survive quite nicely in stone walls, under brush piles and other similar areas that offer shelter.  The deer mouse will often get into sheds and make nesting materials out of grass from the lawnmower or feast on stored items like bird seed.

Keeping them out

Mice are a formidable opponent, but there are some tricks of the trade that can help keep your shed as pest free as possible.

First, when you install the shed make sure it’s up off the ground. Once you do this you can then install wire mesh around the bottom perimeter to keep mice and animals from getting underneath.

Second, make sure your shed is in good repair.  The sad fact about sheds is that they get neglected and develop water damage.  These damaged areas are perfect for mice to squeeze into or chew through.

Last, check out the door.  Most sheds purchased from big box retailers are not made to keep out mice.  These sheds will almost always have doors that have openings or don’t close tightly.  The best method of sealing these areas is to install door sweeps or replace the door altogether.

Once mice get inside

If the worst has happened and mice are already inside the same methods of control used in your home work well in sheds.  The most common methods are traps, glueboards and poison baits.  One word of caution would be that if you use poison baits make sure they are out of reach of kids and pets.  We’ve found that homeowners are not as careful outside as they are inside.

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