Mice inside? Here are some obvious entrances?

Mice inside the home is a common problem especially during the winter.  In fact, its the most popular pest we service from the months of September thru March.  The common question that most people ask is, how are they getting in?  The answer is different with every home, but there are some common places to start.  Here they are

Rodent chew hole
Mice and rats chew holes

Here’s a fact rodents can chew through a vast amount of materials including cement.  So is it any wonder that both mice and rats chew their way into homes.  Nearly every service that we provide to a home that has a garage has a chew hole at the corner.  Sometimes it’s the vinyl weather stripping, but other times as seen in the photo to the left it’s through a much harder material, in this case wood.

How can you prevent this from happening?  The truth is that prevention is difficult, but what’s not difficult is to replace or repair rodent damage as soon as it happens.  The quicker the replacement the more unlikely a rodent will find their way in.


The last picture was created by a rodent, the picture to the right was man made and it happens on most all

Mouse entrance
Obvious mouse entrance hole

installations of utilities and vented appliances.  We see it everyday and honestly in my opinion the service person who drilled a 4″ hole for a 3″ pipe either doesn’t care or doesn’t know any better.  The house pictured was infested with mice and their appearance can be traced back to around the time this vent was installed.  Check all your utility openings, especially those just installed.

Rodent entrances
Old basement hatch door

Finally, and likely the most common would be the basement hatch door.  ALL basement hatches new and old allow mice in.  There just isn’t a way to effectively close them and have them operate properly.  The good news is that there is a fix to this one.

  1. Install another door at the base of the stairs and seal it tightly
  2. Assuming the door is in good repair, you can seal the type with copper mesh at the very top

As you can see there clearly are obvious areas that rodents especially mice can get in.  The question is will you hire a professional before they get into your home?

If you have mice getting inside call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.  We can help

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