Spray for mosquitoes in your yard

Spray for mosquitoes in your yard and you’ll be glad that you did.  If you live in CT or any part of New England then you know 2019 was the year of the mosquito and EEE (eastern equine encephalitis).  We had several deaths and many people were scared by the constant reminder of the necessity of being in before dusk (top mosquito biting time).  But does a spray for mosquitoes really work? You bet.

Mosquitoes area a major disease carrier

I’m a bug guy not a doctor, but like everyone else I’m a bit unnerved by the warning signs all over the highways in my hometown of Waterbury, CT.  The disease everyone was worried about this summer and fall was EEE (Triple E or eastern equine encephalitis).  This disease is a rare cause of brain infection and only a few cases are seen every year.  The typical areas are down south, but this year it was noted well into New England. The symptoms of EEE are fever, chills, malaise, joint pain and muscle pain.  Once diagnosed (by a doctor not the internet) most people recover, but death can occur.   The incubation period after the bite is 10-14 days.

Their life cycle matters

There are many different types of mosquitoes, but in general water is the common denominator.  Without water their development from egg, larva, pupa to adult would not be possible.  Once the life cycle starts it’s the female that bites and requires a blood meal.  However, both the male and female mosquito feed on nectar and honeydew, but only the female has mouth parts adapted for piercing the skin of animal hosts.

Breeding areas in your yard

There are many breeding areas in everyone’s yard.  If there weren’t the mosquito couldn’t survive.  These areas include, but are not limited to ponds, marshy areas shady areas and places where there is standing water.  These are all a problem, but there’s one area often forgotten that is the source of a a lot of mosquito activity and it’s also the hardest area to treat.  The area is your gutters.

The vary nature of a gutter is to catch water, but many gutters are clogged.  There are no pesticides labeled to be put into gutters as they’d only wash away.  That’s why our company is a top installer and provider of gutter guards and mosquito control.  Gutter guards are a must if you want your yard to be mosquito free.  It’s the one area you can have complete control over.  If your current provider isn’t treating or preventing mosquitoes from breeding in your gutters and you still have mosquitoes the gutters are the first place to look.

So where in your yard should you spray for mosquitoes?

In order to gain control of a mosquito problem there are some areas that must be included in any spray program.  A successful spray for misquotes focuses on the following areas:

  • yard perimeter to about 12′ up into bushes and trees
  • under over hangs
  • shady areas like under decking
  • tree holes
  • marsh or brackish areas
  • flowers beds

Last, any program to protect against the intrusion of mosquitoes should include protection against killing pollinators.  A capable mosquito control provider should be able to help with this.

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