Pest Control Prices

Pest control prices vary from state to state as do the prices for apples and oranges.  Pest control prices also vary from pest to pest.

So, what’s a good price to pay for pest control?  The answer isn’t that easy.  For instance, a pest control price in New York will be much higher than in our area of CT.  In the pest control industry you’re also likely to get a different price according to seasonal fluctuations and whether it’s residential or commercial work.

The bigger the company the more you’ll pay.  As with any service we hope you support a local business.

Here’s what typical pest control services include.

Pest Control Prices for carpenter ants:  Since there are a lot of carpenter ants in CT the price for carpenter ant pest control will be all over the map.  In general the best type of service for a carpenter ant problem is going to be an all inclusive pest control program (typically quarterly).  The reason is that it will likely include other pests like mice, wasps, spiders etc as well as a free re-service option.  There will be an initial charge as well as a regular quarterly charge.  Per year $300-$575.

Tick Control Services: Services to deter ticks are typically offered 3-5 times per year.  The cost of service can range from $95-$200 depending on the amount of area being treated.

Termite Control Services: This can be and should be very affordable these days . The cost of a typical termite service will be from about $450-$1500 with the majority of homes falling somewhere in between.  Contact us

Mosquito Control: This is a big one!!! A great mosquito service will only cost about $65 per application.  This fee will keep a yard mosquito free from April to October.

Rodent Control: To be more exact we’re talking about mice.  A service of this kind should include regular follow up services as the mice are certain to return.  A mouse service can be free if you have a regular program for ants.

If you’re looking for superior service at a price you can afford, call us at 888-879-6481.  Envirocare Pest Control, LLC is locally owned and operated by David Bisaillon.