Ant control for your home

Ant control for your home is an important part of good housekeeping.  Not only are ants a nuisance, but some ants can do damage.  Our company is in CT so we focus on several ants when providing ant control for your home.  The ants we most often hear about are carpenter ants, pavement ants and little black ants.  All ant control for your home can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, but if you hire a professional the issue should be dealt with in short order.

Here’s what to expect when you call a pest control company for ant control in your home

First, most pest management professionals go by other names.  We’re called everything from the bug guy to the exterminator to pest people.  I guess these names are tradition, but your bug guy (or girl) has likely spent many hours looking for and getting rid of pest problems just like yours.

Your service will start with the signing of a service agreement so you know what you’re getting.  From there you’ll be asked where you’re seeing pests and the service person will identify the ant your dealing with.  At this point ant control for your home will kick into high gear.

The second, part of ant control for your home will involve a thorough inspection from the bottom all the way to the top.  It’s said that a good pest control technician will spend 80% of their time inspecting and 20% treating.

Once the ants in your home have been located and identified the action begins.

Treatment of the problem

Ant control for your home will likely be different from your neighbors, but in general you should at a minimum expect the following.

  1. Full exterior liquid perimeter foundation spray
  2. Interior crack and crevice treatment to the areas where the ants are seen
  3. Application of gel baits to active foraging trails
  4. If you have a carpenter ant colony in a wall the technician may ask to drill a small hole in a wall cavity for access
  5. Treatment of the basement or crawl space around the sill area. Same for the garage

The products we use 

The pest control industry has advanced over the years.  The materials we use are all low to no odor and meant for voids or cracks and crevices.  Most people won’t even know you’ve had a pest control service.

Bugs or no bugs, what will you see? 

In many cases ant control for your home isn’t an event it’s a process.  Even after you’ve had a service you may still see ants for a few weeks.  The reason is that the products we use are slow acting.

In closing, having a pest control company come out to your home should be a pleasant experience.  We’re there to make your home more livable.  In this day an age many families are spending more time at home your pest control service is just a maintenance item no different than getting a furnace cleaned yearly.

We’ve taken care of ant control in your home, now what about those pesky mice?

If you have pest control issues at your home, please call Envirocare Pest Control, LLC at 1-888-879-6481.