CT Exterminators

CT exterminators are unique in that we deal with all kinds of strange situations. Our weather is such that we have many different pests that can be challenging at different times of the year. The challenges that CT exterminators are faced with are typically because of the weather. However, there are times when the pests we’re trying to eliminate just don’t cooperate and it makes our job even more difficult.

Mouse nest
Mouse nest in bait station

As an example, pictured below you’ll see an exterior bait station that we’ve got installed at a home in Newtown, CT. The green blocks that you’re seeing are supposed to be for exterminating mice. The blocks are locked in a tamper resistant black box and are inspected every other month. On a recent visit we found something strange. If you look close you’ll see a mound of grass inside the station. This grass was placed there as a nesting site by what we’re assuming was a deer mouse. The comical part about this is that rodents are supposed to enter the station, feed on the bait leave and then die 3-5 days later. Evidently this deer mouse didn’t get the memo.

Another situation that all Ct exterminators deal with are calls about “phantom itches”. It never fails, every change of season we get frantic calls from businesses that tell us their employees are getting bit and we need to come and spray the floor immediately. At face value this would seem like an easy sale for us, but it’s not. Any CT exterminator that’s any good should know that in order to provide an extermination service we need to have a target pest. During most all of these calls we’ll ask for a specimen and only a hand of people over the years have actually been able to provide us with a specimen.

The solution to the issue is to wait it out or have the rugs steam cleaned. Typcially what we’ve encounter is that air quality changes or sometimes the building has had new carpet installed and carpet fibers become airborne and lodge in skin pores. This same situation occurs frequently in paper intensive environments. The end result is that a pesticide is rarely if ever the answer.

Ct exterminators are faced with many complicated and sometimes comical situations, but for those of us in the field it’s what keeps us on our toes.

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