Pest Control in CT

Pest control in CT is unlike exterminating services offered in other parts of the country.  The reason is that pest control in CT is somewhat seasonal in nature.  Let’s face it, if you live in CT and you have a pest problem more often than not the only time you’ll need an exterminator is in the hot summer months, right? Wrong!!!

Now that I have your attention let me fill you in on the realities of pest control in CT.  Exterminating is a serious business and the reasons are shocking to some that have never dealt with a pest problem.  Lets look at a few facts that effect pest control in CT.

  • Termites in CT are common and homeowners insurance doesn’t cover treatment or repair.  A serious termite issue including treatment and repair could easily cost $5k-$10K
  • The deer tick is responsible for Lyme disease and effects thousands of people yearly
  • Deer mice are responsible for hantavirus.  The disease effects the upper respiratory system and mimics pneumonia
  • Roaches are a leading cause of childhood asthma in the inner city
  • Carpenter ants are responsible for damaging homes that are in wooded areas and while not as devastating as termite damage the repairs are extremely costly
  • Bed bugs are responsible for thousands of dollars in treatment cost for landlords, not to speak of the emotional toll it takes on those who are actually living with the issue
  • Mosquito borne diseases are increasing yearly throughout CT
  • Mice are in almost every home out there to some degree or another

So, what should a homeowner in CT do about pest control?  I’m a bit biased; I think everyone in CT should have and extermination service or pest prevention program in place. In fact, if I had a dollar for every time I heard a homeowner, tenant or  landlord say “if I knew I would have done something sooner” I’d be rich.

The fact is that the pest control industry is thriving in CT.  There are over 100 CT pest control companies registered with the state and none are in danger of going out of business.  All of the pest problems in the list above aren’t nationwide issues, they’re CT issues.  Are you or have you dealt with any of them yourself?

Make an informed decision before it’s too late

Many pest control companies in CT like Envirocare Pest Control offer annual termite inspections, seasonal tick and mosquito yard sprays, mosquito event sprays, preventative quarterly ant treatments, monthly and one-time treatments for roaches, rodent control services and of course bed bug treatments.  There are many companies to choose from so obviously a referral from a friend is a good place to start.  Until you start asking around you never know who does and doesn’t have a regular pest control service .  It’s not one of those things people tend to tell their friends and neighbors.

In closing, don’t be one of those people that I’ve heard say “I didn’t know” or ” I was going to call, but I forgot”.  There are plenty of year round pests in CT  and plenty of companies like Envirocare Pest Control that are ready, willing and able to help.  Think prevention, it may be the best money you ever spent.

If you have a pest problem in CT and need an exterminator, please call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.  We’d love t be of service.