Carpenter ant problem in your home?

A carpenter ant problem in your home is the most common pest issue you’ll likely face during the months of April through August.  This will be especially true if you had a problem with carpenter ants in your home last year. The fact is that until you get rid of the nest that likely resides within the walls of your home then a problem with carpenter ants in your home will be back every year until they’re exterminated.

Some signs you’ll see that carpenter ants are taking over include “frass” which is a sawdust like material that ants kick out of a nest.  However, some homeowners may see large black ants with wings congregating near a window.  While still others may see nothing at all except ants running around the house.

Carpenter ant damage

Carpenter ants in your home can cause extensive damage if left unchecked.  I’ve seen decks fall off homes, wood crumble in my hands and roofs cave where ants have destroyed the sheathing.  This is especially true in areas where there may be water damage, improperly flashed areas and places you can visibly see ants trailing under the siding.

Waiting until the last minute is not a good idea

Everyone wants to save a little money and to some degree having carpenter ants in your home is normal.  I say this because if you live in a wooded area you’re more likely to see some level of ant activity than not.

It’s normal to see carpenter ants?

Yes, as small towns grow builders go deeper and deeper into wooded areas.  In their natural environment carpenter ants live in dead or dying trees.  Once those trees are gone they will regularly relocate to the next best thing.  Your home.

Should you get carpenter ants in your home treated?

Yes.  I can already see people saying “the exterminator said carpenter ants in your home is normal. I won’t do anything”.  This would be a mistake and a misunderstanding because while seeing them is normal, leaving them is not.

Do yourself a favor, get the ants treated before they do more damage than they may have already done.  You’ll be glad you did.

If you have a carpenter ant problem and need help; call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481