Bats In Barns: It’s not a lost cause

Bats in barns are a very common problem in rural towns like Southbury, CT.  Recently we were called to a home that had a barn that was being used as an antique storage area.  As you can imagine having bat guano and urine drop onto antiques is not a good thing.

Bat guano has been known to pile up in old barns for years.  Many barn owners try to rid the area of bats by setting up bat houses, ultra-sonic devices, and repellent sprays year after year.  Eventually, all of these attempts fail and the owner is left with little choice but to call a professional.

No matter which company is chosen to rid a barn of bats,  the service itself will be centered around exclusion of the bats from the building.  The reason is that this is the only approved method of bat removal that is recommended by state agencies and organizations such as Bat Conservation International.  A proper bat exclusion keeps the bats out of the barn permanently but we also take great effort into not harming the bats during the process.

Often times in barns there are extenuating circumstances that can allow bats back into the structure.  Many times these circumstances will result in repairs that are not part of a typical bat exclusion.  Some of the most common are as follows:

  • Large barn doors have gaps at the perimeter
  • No doors are located at old hay lofts
  • Extensive water damage exists at areas without gutters
  • Cupolas with open vents lead directly into the barn

All of these situations are fixable and should be pointed out by the bat professional prior to the service.

Here are some of the solutions we’ve come up with in the past:

  • Install a rubber flap at the large barn doors that effectively seals the entry while still allowing the door to open and close
  • Install doors (You’ll need a professional for this)
  • Cover the water damaged area with wire mesh until such time as a carpenter can be called to rebuild the area
  • Install black netting on the interior or exterior of the cupola to exclude bats from re-entry

Bat exclusion for barns can be difficult but since our Connecticut pest control service is located in a very rural area we’ve become quite good at it. Depending on the size of the barn expect to pay a bit more for a barn bat exclusion than a regular home and always do research into the company providing the service prior to contracting for it.  Most states have a wildlife agency that can recommend a licensed professional that can quickly and efficiently rid your barn of bats.

If you have bats in your barn and need help call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.