FHA Wood Destroying Insect Reports

Homes are selling for less than they have in the past 8 years. In my opinion, now is the best time to find a great deal on the home of your dreams. Pick a qualified agent and start looking, odds are better than average you’ll find a great home at a great price you can afford.

Once you find a home you MUST get a home inspection. Please don’t just have your Uncle Bob who has been a contractor for 30 years do it, I promise you’ll be sorry. Today’s home inspector has a complete list of things that need to be looked at from septic to electric, roofs, furnaces and attic insulation. Uncle Bob will mean well, but I have personally seen horror stories of things that were missed that a pro would have caught.

Home inspectors have a system, Uncle Bob likely does not.

That brings me to termites and wood destroying insects in general . FHA, if that happens to be who is backing your loan requires a certified termite inspection on the correct form in order for a property to close.

Pest management professionals have unique training that is unlike many of the trades that a home inspector may possess knowledge of. In my experience, the best home inspectors recognize this and sub this work out to a licensed PMP.

Here’s what to look for from a pest control company:

  • A supervisor license from the inspector doing the inspection (read as s-1234 on the report)
  • Business license number (read as B-1234 on the report)
  • Error and emissions insurance with a minimum $50,000.00 liability
  • Minimum 3-5 years experience

In a later post I’ll go over the specifics of what the inspection should include and how WDI evidence should be reported. It may seem easy, but it’s not always black and white.

Now go looking for a new house with confidence, there are plenty of professionals ready willing and able to help you with the biggest purchase of your life. Most of all have fun!!!!

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