Squirrel damage? It’s unmistakable

Squirrel damage is almost always from the grey squirrel.  They can be cute when running around your yard, but once they get it they must be evicted.

Do you have noises in your attic that may be squirrels?

Signs of squirrel damage at the roof line

Squirrel damage at roofline
Grey squirrels got into this Woodbury, CT home

I was at a home this morning with a home inspector doing a termite inspection.  On the rear portion of the home there was squirrel damage at the fascia board.  As we started talking about it he asked me an interesting question.  He wanted to know what type of squirrel did the damage and why did they pick that area.  He also wanted to how I knew it was likely a grey squirrel.

In most cases the experienced wildlife operator in Connecticut can pick out grey squirrel damage without having to go inside.  The reason is that grey squirrel damage is usually located in one of a few areas on wood sided houses

  1. Gable vents
  2. Corners of roof line
  3. Fascia boards at dormers or elevation changes

When a squirrel chews their way into a home the damage will have a rounded appearance to it.  At this particular home the entrance area also had water damage.  My guess is that this may be one of the reasons why she picked this area.

Why do squirrels nest in attics?

Like all good moms the female squirrel likes attic spaces because they’re comfortable for their young.  This is the reason that most all of our squirrel calls take place in the spring and early fall during birthing season.

By the time we receive a request for work the homeowner has usually begun hearing the telltale signs of a mother squirrel and her young.  In most cases the homeowner will NOT hear their new renter at night, but rather early morning and before sunset.  If you’re hearing noises during the middle of the night it’s more likely mice or flying squirrels.  These two pests have different habits and methods of treatment.

How to get squirrels out of your home

For the professional there are few scenarios where adult grey squirrel control is difficult.  We have the option to use live traps, kill traps and one way doors.  So, what scenarios are difficult?  It’s when young are present and not mobile.

At all costs the professional nuisance wildlife operator should never provide services until knowing if young are present inside.  The reason is that young squirrels are not independent until 8-12 weeks after birth.  For some homeowners it’s a shock when we tell them that removal has to wait until we’re positive the young are active.  This is especially true when a squirrel has given birth and resides in an area that’s inaccessible such as a wall cavity.

To date I’m proud to say that we’ve never had a case where young were abandoned.  Grey squirrel control isn’t difficult if you have he right knowledge and tools to get the job done.

If you have squirrels in your home call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.