Mice in vents are only half the problem

Mice in vents can be a real nuisance.  It happens more than you’d think, but the mouse issue is only half your problem.  There are only a few ways to get into a vent and both can be an issue.

Mice in vents is unhealthy

If you’re reading this post I’m going to assume you not only have mice, but they’ve made  it into your HVAC system.  As I’m sure you’re aware mice leave droppings every where they go.  So, not only do you have a mouse

Vent with mouse droppings inside
Floor vent with mice inside

problem you may also have unhealthy air pumping into you’re home.  

When mice in vents become and issue most homeowners reach for a vacuum and want to clean the vent.  While this is a normal reaction it may not be the best reaction.  The reason is that vacuuming mouse dropping will almost assuredly cause them to become airborne.  Once airborne the next stop is your lungs.

If you want to clean mouse droppings your best bet is to turn off your HVAC system and wet the droppings down with soap and water and wipe them up.  The water will prevent the droppings from breaking apart and getting into the air.  This as you’ll see is no easy task, nor will it get mouse droppings that are deeper inside.  To get a thorough cleaning we recommend calling a professional duct cleaning company.  A professional will know how to safely clean and more importantly sanitize your ducts.

How are mice getting into your heating vent?

I’m not an HVAC technician, but I have seen more than my fair share of mice in vents.  While each circumstance is different there are 3 basic issues you’re dealing with

  1. Mice are in the main living area and crawling into the vent through floor registers
  2. You have a gap or chewed hole through a duct pipe.  Its allowing mice and a heat out
  3. Your home has mice in the attic or basement

In order to solve all three issues you’re going to need a pest control company and an HVAC company.   Only these trades are going to solve the issue for you and they must work together.

Capturing mice in ductwork

In order to rid your home of the issue whether on your own or with a pro you’re going to need to identify the effected vents and either put a trap outside the vent or directly in it.  The safest method would be to use either a snap trap or a sticky trap.

Once in the vent and assuming the mice are still there you should have results in a short period of time.  There aren’t likely to be more than a few mice trapped inside.

Once a mouse is caught my best advice would be to remove the traps and get the HVAC inspected and the ducts cleaned.  It is NOT recommended to use poison bait in the vent or to keep traps in the vent for a long period of time.

Whole house mouse control

Assuming you’re going to hire a professional to care for the bigger problem you’re go to want to make sure that a company like Envirocare Pest Control is not only catching and trapping existing mice, but also sealing the home against future invasion.

If you have a mouse problem and need help or advice we can be reached at 1-888-879-6481.