Keep mice out permanently?

Keep mice out permanently?  I’ve heard many people say that it’s not possible.  I’m hear to tell you that it is and we do it.  You’ll also be surprised at some of the unintended benefits that come with it that help the environment.

If you want to keep mice out permanently read on.

Mice get into the smallest of openings

It’s a well known fact that mice can gain entrance to a home through a gap the size of a dime.  There’s even a test that we use to see if a gap is large enough.  It’s called the #2 pencil test.  If the eraser end of a pencil fits into a gap a juvenile mouse will as well.

In CT we have both the house mouse and the deer mouse.  Each of these rodents once inside your home will contaminate food, leave their droppings in utensil drawers and damage insulation.  Mice are also the greatest cause of unknown fires.  All a fire needs is a spark from a rodent chewing a wire.

You can stop mice and help the environment

As a whole the pest management industry is moving towards a decrease in the amount of rodenticides used.  The reason is that for all the good pesticides can do they have can have some negative impacts.  Probably the most noticeable is the poisoning of birds of prey and off target animals such as foxes.  These animals count on rodents as a main food staple.  That is the natural order of things.

However, the over use of rodenticides and unsafe use has had a negative impact.  Many post mortem tests have been done on these animals only to find traces of multiple rodenticides in their system.

Keep mice out permanently without looking for a specific hole

Installation of MouseBarrier
A Newtown, CT home that has MouseBarrier installed under the siding lip

When you first read that headline it sounds a bit funny.  How can you stop mice if you’re not looking for a specific opening?

The answer is we close the entire lip of the siding from one end of the home to the other.  At the same time we’ll do utility penetrations, garage bottoms and other areas where mice are getting into your basement.  Our service people have gotten so good at it that we trademarked the service and call it MouseBarrier.

When installed correctly as seen to the right our MouseBarrier is invisible, cost effective and a real answer to the overuse of rodenticides.  It works.

Permeant elimination has some caveats

It goes without saying that after you’ve had your installation and your final quality control inspection if mice damage the product we’ll replace or repair it at no charge.  As part of this we’ll also remove any mice that have gained entrance.

There are 2 notable exceptions:

  1. We can’t control unforeseen events that allow mice in.  For example leaving garages open or putting off repairs to broken doors or windows
  2. We give a full warranty to basements, but a limited warranty to attics.  Some homes are just to dangerous to find every gap at roof lines.  Most people understand this
How much is MouseBarrier?

Every home is different, but if you ask for it by name our office staff will schedule a free inspection.  I will tell you that we’re more affordable than our nearest national competitor that offers the same type of service.  Some people actually tell us we should charge more!

If you’re looking to stop mice and care for the environment call Envirocare Pest Control.  We’re trying to do the same thing.  We can be reached at 1-888-879-6481