Pesticides around wells and drinking water

Pesticides around wells and drinking water is a common thing that most pesticide application companies deal with.  This is especially true of where our company is located in rural Watertown, CT.  So, how do pest control companies deal with the need for homes to be pest free and protect drinking water? Water is one of the worlds most precious resources.

Pesticides and residential wells

The area that our company works in is littered with residential wells.  For those of you not familiar with wells, many homes in rural areas have them.  Unlike places closer to cities where water is pumped to your home from miles away our drinking water is from either a pounded or drilled well.  I’m not a well installer so my knowledge comes from having a well and having to deal with them on a regular basis.  A modern well is typically 80+ feet deep and away from the home.

The busy season is coming so I’m answering the question everyone asks.  Is it safe to use pesticides around wells? The answer is, it depends.

Pest control and pesticides around wells

In order to answer the question it’s important to know what type of pest control you’re having done at your home.  Is it lawncare, termite control, ant control, rodent control or something else.  There are many types of pest control.  I can tell you for a fact that the vast majority of services offered by strictly pest control companies, not lawncare companies have nothing to do with your well.

CT carpenter ants
Carpenter ant climbing a wall

With the exception of termite control the likelihood of contact with your well is slim to none.  In fact, we’ve treated 1000’s of homes over the past 24 years without a single incident.  We’re aware of our obligation to drinking water and offer services that control pests, but have no chance of hurting you or your well.  The types of pest control offered by our company are as follows:

  • Termite control (soil based and bait systems)
  • General quarterly insect maintenance
  • Tick and mosquito control
  • Rodent control
  • Animal control

Termite extermination and wells.  It can be an issue

So, now we know that regular pest control is NOT a danger to wells, but what about termite control.  This segment of the pest control industry can be an issue IF not done properly.  There are so many things to know about termite control that I actually don’t blame national companies for using termite bait systems or some small operators for not offering the service at all.

Fortunately, Envirocare Pest Control has an advantage.  I, as the owner visit every single termite treatment before it starts.  I personally

Eastern subterranean termites

inspect the home on the day of treatment or just before.  We also call Call Before You Dig, a that company locates utilities for us free of charge.  I certainly can makes mistakes, but believe me I have an interest in the job going well.  We could have one of  our experienced staff members do it, but my wife and I built a company on doing things right.  It has to be that way.

What to look for when a home has termites and a well

Here are some things I’m looking for as it pertains to your well and the safety of applying a soil based liquid treatment

  • Well head location.  How far from the house is it?
  • Depth of the well.  Is the well 400′ or 50′ deep?
  • Where does the well line exit the structure.  Is it 4′ below grade?
  • Are the termites even near the well?

Let’s say I find a issue with well location as it pertains to termites.  What’s next?

  • We can avoid the area on the well side of the building
  • We can make a direct application with liquid borates or a spot treatment with foams
  • We can use something called the treated back fill method
  • We can use a bait system as a last resort

Contrary to popular belief all homes can be treated for termites.  Some are just harder.  Also, using a termite bait system on every house is just not needed.  A liquid applied product when done to label directions after a proper evaluation of where the well is can be done safely.

Pesticides and wells is serious business.  However, industry knowledge, thorough inspections and  keen accordance with the law and label instructions allows most homes to be saved from the damage termites cause.

If your home has bugs, but you have a well call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481, we can help.