May is termite season in Connecticut

May is termite season in Connecticut and while termites can be found year round May is the busiest month.  If you’re a homeowner there are some things about termites in Ct that you should know.  Failing to catch the telltale signs of a problem can lead to more severe damage within your home.

May is termite season in Connecticut and business is good

Most established pest control services in Connecticut offer termite control services.  The reason is that despite our winter climate termites are plentiful in our area.  In fact, termite control for most is a must offer service because of the amount of homeowners that need it.

In CT we only have one type of termite.  It’s called the eastern subterranean termite.  Subterranean termites are most often found in the substructure of your home, but the damage may well extend into walls and other invisible areas.  Most pests are cryptic by nature, but termites are famous for it.

Damage from termite can be devastating if you don’t know what to look for

Year round termite control happens in CT.  With the exception of snowy, freezing or rainy days most often if you have termites a company can treat it.  However, since May is termite season in Ct most of the live termites we see are found during this month.

May is termite season in CT
These are reproductive termites from a home in CT

The most common symptom of termites in CT that the homeowner will see is described as ants with wings.  Unfortunately, ants with wings are many times reproductive termites.

On a warm spring day when the temperatures are in the mid 60’s-70 termites will swarm.  This is especially true when we’ve had recent rain.  A swarm as it’s called in our industry will involve 100’s of small insects with long clear to white wings.  During a swarm you’ll notice live insects as well as discarded wings on the floor.  It should be alarming enough that you’ll call someone to check it out.

On a national level annual termite damage to homes reaches into the billions of dollars.  For this reason alone if you suspect termites you should call Envirocare Pest Control for a free termite inspection

Not all homes in CT have swarming termites as their first sign

Unfortunately, for some homeowners the first sign of termites may be too late.  Often termite damage is found as part of a common home repair or during a home inspection.  These circumstances are usually the homes that have the most damage.  The reason is that the problem has been left unchecked.

The good news is that finding termite damage usually happens in areas that are also the most common areas that carpenters are called to repair.  The areas include garage frames and doors.

Once termite damage is suspected a pest management professional should be called. Hopefully they will provide a complete termite inspection that includes areas such as the basement and crawl space.  Once in these areas a properly trained inspector should be able to notice any additional signs of termites.

Although CT isn’t ground zero for termite control we have our fair share.  Ignoring suspected termite damage is a bad idea especially when most pest control companies will provide an inspection free of charge.

If you have termites or suspect you do call Envirocare Pest Control at 1-888-879-6481.  We’d love to help.