Pest control is safe for pets.

Pest control is safe for pets! Do I have your attention?  The reason I started with this is that many people who don’t have pest control at their homes think our industry is still stuck in the dark ages.  We’re not.

As a matter of fact the pest control industry has undergone a lot of changes and not only is pest control safe for pets, it’s a necessity for people and safe for kids too.

Exterminator in Ct.  Envirocare knows pest control is safe for pets. If done right

As with most subjects the author of blogs, articles or newspaper writings should only talk about familiar subjects.   For that reason everything that’s in this post is specific to pest control in CT and our company, Envirocare Pest Control.

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Pest control is safe for pets
Our mascot Tasha. We’re pet lovers and exterminators

The vast majority of our customer base is residential, not commercial.  When servicing homes you’re going to encounter both kids and pets.  For that reason most of our clients receive service on the exterior perimeter of their homes only.  This type of service is meant to lower pesticide usage on the interior of the home.  We even use products that are exempt from federal registration and will come inside free of charge if needed.

The most common residential pests that we deal with are termites, ants, mice, mosquitos, ticks and wasps.  What happens when we do have to do a treatment inside or do a more broad based exterior application?

Are pesticides safe?

In general, no pesticides are not safe.  This is especially true when they’re not used according to label directions or when someone inexperienced uses them.  That’s why do it yourself pest control products and treatments can be dangerous.

I thought you said pest control is safe for pets and kids?

I did and I stand by that statement.  The reason I feel so strongly about safety when talking about Envirocare Pest Control is because we use  the following philosophies daily.  They work well.

  1. Inspection:  Our service team spends a great deal of time looking for the areas where pests are coming from.  What sense does it make to treat a bedroom if the problem is in the kitchen.  We’ve had great success making pinpoint applications
  2. Exclusion: If a pest can’t get in it’s not a problem.  This is especially true for mice
  3. Pesticide use: If a pesticide is needed we use the least toxic product available and in the best formulation.  All the products we use are federally exempt or have a Caution statement.  In many cases they’re less dangerous than the cleaning products under the kitchen sink
  4. Identification: This may seem obvious, but since all pests have a different biology you must make the correct identification first

We’ve been in business for over 22 years and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two about pests, pesticides and customers service.  As the owner I believe in customer centric programs that are able to be performed safely and at an affordable price.

So, I state again pest control of all kinds is safe, it done correctly.

If you need a pest control program to rid your home of pests, call 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.