Clogged gutters will attract pests

Clogged gutters will attract pests, but what kind of pests?

Clogged gutters will attract pests
Clogged gutters at a home with a carpenter ant issue

During a training session recently we covered why regular gutter maintenance and gutter cleaning was so important.  Typically, this leads into a discussion about our gutter cover product, but today was different.  A new technicians wanted to know exactly what pests are going to be a problem.  The following is a summation of this discussion.

Mosquitoes need water

Any discussion about pests and gutters deserves the mosquito to be first on the list.  Clogged gutters will attract pests and hold water the mosquito literally can not start it’s life cycle without it.  The mosquito has a 4 stage life cycle egg, larva, pupa and adult.  The eggs are laid by the female in an area that will eventually get wet.  Some areas other than clogged gutters include tree holes, old tires and toys left out for long periods of time.

The clogged gutter that mosquitoes breed in is especially bothersome because it’s located on the house.  In order to eliminate this a mosquito treatment can take place by fogging the yard and breeding areas every 3-4 weeks.  Then the homeowners add gutter covers to the mix and it becomes a one-two punch.

Clogged gutters will attract pests, namely carpenter ants

Carpenter ants can nest in moist or dry areas.  This fact is what separates a main colony from a satellite colony.  Main colonies are typically around wet wood while satellite colonies can nest in dry areas.  Having clogged gutters and water damage helps a main colony.

A gutter system is meant to do a few things.  It’s meant to move water away from the foundation that falls from the roof while doing this it also can provide cover to visitors from cascading water.  Most gutter that are in good repair do this well.  Others are clogged and will attract pests because the water backs up and soaks the fascia, soffit and roof sheathing.  This is what carpenter ants want.

Pest control and clogged gutters

At Envirocare Pest Control we decided to offer a gutter cover service because it ties so closely with pest control.  As part of this service we clean gutters and offer an unbeatable warranty.

If you don’t want pests and want to stop clogged gutters call 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.