Safely getting rid of wasps and hornets

Safely getting rid of wasps may sound easy, but it can be tricky even for a professional.  In fact, there are some nests that are better off left alone.  This is especially true later in the season.

The main safety concerns for a professional are very different from the homeowner.  The reason is that we have protective equipment that can make safely getting rid of wasps much easier.  But not always.

Wasps around electricity

Every year I have a pre season meeting and remind my staff of the dangers they could be exposed to.  The dangers could be about texting and driving, unsafe pesticide usage, ladders, working in attics or pest control and electricity.  This is important to remember when dealing with wasps.

Safely getting rid of wasps
A hornet nest wrapped around electrical wire

My goal for safely getting rid of wasps involves a protective suite, using the right product and a tool called a Dust Stick.  This tool allows service people to stay on the ground when nests are high, but its made of metal.  Pest controllers all over the world use this tool and if safety isn’t taken into account a tragedy could happen.  It would only take a fraction of a second or a quick misjudgment to get electrocuted as metal conducts electricity.

The nest to the left was a recent job that we turned down due to safety concerns.

Getting rid of wasps safely with bee suites

All of our service people have protective suites.  I did this purposely because not only does the suite keep them safe from stings, it gets a job done quickly.  Anyone on our team has the ability to walk up to a nest and apply a treatment.  Once the treatment is over they can remove the nest and safely move on with their day.  We actually have some great trophies at the office.

Wasp nests that are too high

Most good pest control companies are able to put safety first.  If a nest is in a tree 30-40  feet in the air and away from the house, there is no need to exterminate.  Wasps and hornets have a one season life cycle.  Some nests are better off taken care of by mother nature herself.

Honeybees and pest control

Sometimes safe pest control means doing nothing at all.  This is never more true than in the case of the honeybee.  All insects (for the most part) serve a purpose.  Honeybees are probably the best example of this.  As a rule Envirocare Pest Control will NOT exterminate honeybees under any circumstances.  The control and removal of this pest is best left to an experienced bee keeper.

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