Do it yourself pest control mistakes

Do it yourself pest control mistakes happen all the time.  Typically this happens because you can easily purchase some of the “sprays” your local professional does.  However, just because you can purchase a product doesn’t mean you’ll get the application right.  Pest control is a combination of tools.  The most important tool is knowledge of the pests behavior.

The following are the top 3 do it yourself pest control mistakes

Yellow jackets flying in and out of a hole on the side of the house.

This  is probably the biggest mistake that we see in the field.  The scenario sounds like this.  A homeowner goes to Home Depot and purchases wasp spray, they come home and spray the pesticide right in the hole.  After that’s complete they plug it with foam.  Sounds good right? Wrong.  Unbeknownst to the well meaning homeowner they’re going to force members of the nest into the house.  They’ve also effectively prevented any foragers not in the nest from gaining access.  What’s left is a couple of hundred really angry wasps.

Pressure treated wood will stop termites.  Big do it yourself pest control mistake

The fact that you use pressure treated wood to build something around your home doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be aware of termites.  Do it yourself pest control mistakes usually don’t take biology into account.

In CT the only termite we have is the Eastern Subterranean termite.  This species of termite lives in the soil.  Since it lives in the soil it utilizes “mud tubes” to get from the ground to it’s food source.  In this case that source is a cellulose based product i.e. wood.

The average homeowner and carpenter for that matter typically will use pressure treated wood and put it in contact with the ground.  Unfortunately, CT termites don’t find this much of a deterrent and will regularly tube over the pressure treated wood to the wood they can eat.  The outcome is that wood above the pressure treated wood is badly damaged.

Filling mouse entrances with a can of foam

Do it yourself pest control mistakes
Foam to cover mouse holes that’s not backed by metal, big mistake.

To be fair the mouse holes filled with black foam to the left were actually filled by another company.  Guess why Envirocare Pest Control was called in? The home still had a visible mouse problem.  Mice were actually chewing through the foam!  Rats and mice have the ability to chew threw foam, wood, plastic and many other materials.  While foam may deter them it won’t stop them unless the foam has a long last pepper repellent or it’s backed by metal.  At Envirocare Pest Control we do use foam, but only in areas that it will be covering metal wire.  This method will effectively keep mice out and serve as air sealing for the home as well.

Do it yourself activities are popular, but some projects are easier than others.   Remember if it’s done wrong you’ll end up spending more down the road.  At Envirocare Pest Control we frequently give free advice and can explain if what you have going on is a DIY project or not.

If you have pests and need pest control, call 1-888-879-6481.  We can help.